[Must Read] Before You Date or Marry A Delta State Man (Their Marriage Views & Lifestyles)

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Almost all Delta State men are polygamous in nature. Have this at the back of your mind. A Delta husband can choose to have as much concubines or wives if he wishes and his family won’t kick against it.

Dem sabi born plenty children without any planned future for them. That’s why we have more retard nuisance in Warri today.

Delta State (Warri in particular), everyone there is a comedian. Mama, papa & pikin. U go laf tire. But there is nothing good or romantic about the men aside their funny nature.

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Dem too rough! Multiple Award Winners on Yahoo Yahoo (internet fraud) followed by Owerri Imo state men. Delta State men, BOYS rather, are the ones that rubbished and ruined the reputation of this country home and abroad with their fraudulent activities.

No dull moment with a Delta State Man but can you tolerate their roughness? Weed smoking, radical lifestyles etc (NOT ALL). Education is not in their dictionary. Dem carry cultism for head like Gala, even the elderly ones. Similar lifestyles with Rivers State (boys) not men.

Delta State men are cheerful givers(NOT ALL). They believed in “chop make I chop” not that greedy and stingy like Cross Rivers State men that are only cheerful on women but But mean on their fellow men.(Ashawo men).๐Ÿšถ

Delta State men doesn’t beat their women but their boys do. Especially those Warri boys..they can beat woman ehn. They can even punch your eye and stab you with sharp objects. Fight you as if you are a fellow man. The Yahoo ones among them will use you for ritual. But all these are not what a typical Delta man is known with. In fact this paragraph is for the present generation. (Children of Anger & Lousiness). NOT ALL.๐Ÿšถ

When you talk of beautiful women with figure 8 in Nigeria, Delta women carry trophy on that. Sweet in the middle.๐Ÿ˜‹But they’re too smart! We call it (Tearing of eye). Not really nice sha, but that’s okay.

Like I said earlier, there is no dull moment with a Delta State Man. His intonation only and facial expressions will crack you up always. If you’re lucky to have a good Delta man, you will enjoy the relationship or marriage.

No Apology. Bye bye ๐Ÿšถ๐Ÿšถ๐Ÿšถ

This was written by Richard Idansenibo Chigbo

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