[Must Read] Before You Date or Marry An Abia State Man (Their Marriage Views & Lifestyles)

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Dating an Abia state man is cool but before you ever think of settling down with him have this in mind. If the marriage did not bring forth a Male Child earlier or never, you will be kicked out or neglected. Possibly turned to a second, third or even seventh wife. Especially those from………..part of Abia.🤐

They don’t value female children. Although it is very common in Igbo land in general. They don’t value female children. There’s this 1000AD mentality that an average Igbo man has about male and female children. Not just Abians. But that’s foolishness if you ask me. Pikin na Pikin. U can’t create one not even Bobrisky lookalike human. So calm down hunkle.😏

E get one Abia state man in my area. He don born up to 8 children 7girls and 1 boy, but he still need another male child. Now the Covid-19 Lockdown hardship is dealing with them. 8 children without any sustainable and steady income source. I feel for the kids sha.

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The Ibeku part of Umuahia Abia state are very funny and tough people. They have similar marriage views with Anambra men, mothers and siblings. They act as if they are too smart, but I consider such attitude as foolishness and that’s what it is truly.

Are Abia men lazy?🤔
I wouldn’t say Abia men are lazy sha, even though the state government made them look like lazy youths. However, they’re not lazy rating with ABA Traders. They’re hard workers with less positive results due to the bad government. But that’s not why i made this post biko..they should face their bad government themselves.🚶

Abia men doesn’t womanize that much. Maybe because there’s no much fun arenas over there. Abia is fuckin dry and boring. Especially the state capital Umuahia.🤦

Abia men are not that romantic or handsome. In fact the condition of the state affected the citizens. Dem no Sabi fuck..my mind is telling me that Churchill Tonto Dikeh ex-husband is an Abian. (Not An Insult Biko).

Abia men are not really stingy nor greedy and their hospitality with the little they have is top notch. Not just the men, their women inclusive..in fact all Abians. Especially John Ogbonna people (Ngwa). They will nearly kill you with bush meat and fresh pami with 1 Nwa Ada di sharp.😋But those ones and education na enemy.🤣

Well sha marry from Abia state sha, if you’re very sure that you will give birth to a male child at least 1 or two sha. But if you’re not sure, then adjust and readjust because na express u dey go.🚶

Biko ndi Abia reading this, don’t take it personal. I’m just stating the obvious.🤣

This was written by Richard Idansenibo Chigbo

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