[Must Read] Before You Date or Marry An Anambra State Man (Their Marriage Views & Lifestyles)

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If you’re a lady from another state, dating an Anambra man, you’re wasting your time. When it’s time to marry, he will dump you and marry an Anambra girl.

Why Anambra men hardly marry from another tribe/state, but prefer marrying from Anambra is because most of them are illiterates and uncivilized. (Not An Insult)πŸ™πŸ€

But they’re among the richest in East and gifted in running businesses successfully. But dem (generally) doesn’t know how to speak good English, Pidgin or to even pronounce words properly. Maybe God need to circumcise their tongue in next world. (Not An Insult).🚢

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Anambra men hardly go to School. Only their women does. The only thing in the head of an Anambra man is Business & Money Ritual. But they’re not greedy or stingy and hardly cheat, unlike Rivers State.🀦🀦

Their mothers chooses wives for them. And can terminate the marriage any fucking time they wish to. They prefer their sons marrying within Anambra state. An Anambra mother can reject a fellow Anambra woman because she’s not from the same community or attend same Church with her (Roman Catholic) mostly. Therefore, her son cannot marry the girl.

You’re a girl from another state and you successfully married an Anambra man, you just entered One Chance my sister. He will truely love and properly take good care of you, but his family will never let you have peace of mind especially the sisters. The moment they noticed that you’re a smart and intelligent person, they will tryna frustrate your life.

Anambra women(NOT ALL) doesn’t last in marriage. They breakup/divorce easily, then go back to their parents house just like Rivers state women, but I will discuss Rivers later. After the must have returned to their parents, their next target is their brothers wives. They will make life uncomfortable for her.🀦

I wouldn’t wanna talk about their women sha.. because most of my female friends are from there and also here reading.🀣

Anambra men and money ritual are like 5&6. But that’s okay. I see nothing wrong with that.. it’s their choice.🚢

Anambra men are generally good and kind but doesn’t have mind of their own. Their mothers and siblings controls them always. So before you marry one, be ready for this.🚢

Anambrans reading this, don’t take it personal. I’m only stating the obvious. Bye bye.

This was written by Richard Idansenibo Chigbo

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