[Must Read] Before You Date or Marry An Imo State Man (Their Marriage Views & Lifestyles)

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Imo State men and Yahoo Yahoo (internet fraud) plus Secret Society (Occultism)are like 5&6. Lazy set of people. And the funny part is that, their parents will never question them about where they got money from. Lexus 330 is their favorite car. Keep 500K Lexus 330 and 150M Mercedes Benz, an Imo man will pick the Lexus.They just recently upgraded to LEXUS 350.

So before you marry them have this in mind..you may become a window at any fucking time. Note: This stat/rating is specifically for the present generation. Children of nowadays have turned Imo State to something else. The very Imo I visited in 1975 is no longer the same again. Things have fallen apart.

However, Imo men doesn’t have much fault. Apart from the Internet Fraud and Occultism which can make you a widow at anytime. So I’m not gonna paint them with Dark black because I said many terrible things against other states men. NO! I can’t do that. A lighter black is okay for them.

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Then the MBA ISE part of Imo State. Emeka Ihedioha people. In fact this review is basically for them. But listen, I haven’t experienced or had an encounter with them o. I haven’t been there before either, but from viral speculations, I was made to believe that the Mba Ise part of Imo are terribly bad people.

There was a time I wanted to witness it myself, but my spirit was like “Hey bro don’t use your life for an experiment”. I disembarked immediately.But Mba Ise women are extremely beautiful. Should I say they’re the most beautiful in Imo State followed by other MBA people..mba 1,2,3&4. But their men ugly o and hardhearted. Lemme be going.

Buy hey Imo State bride price is too much. Imo parents sees their daughters as investments. They took bride price as poverty alleviation scheme. Maybe that’s the major reasons most of their men are into drugs business, Yahoo and Occultism. They tryna meet up to pay the outrageous bride price that could buy plots of land in Lekki or stock up a mini plaza with the items required.

Imo women are beautiful and gifted with big yansh, big breast(NOT ALL). Wait oπŸ€” I think this paragraph is meant for Cross Rivers State and Akwa Ibom State women sha…there yansh and breast nobi here ooo.πŸ€¦πŸ˜­πŸ™†πŸ€£πŸ˜†

Well, if not that some of you asked me to write about Imo men, I wouldn’t have.😏No much interesting thing about them apart from what I wrote on the first paragraph. As for the MBA ISE people, I don’t feel like talking about what I heard about them here for a reason sha. This is social media. I don’t wanna spread more hates in the name of joke or review. Lol

Imo State! “My people My people” in Rochas Okorocha voice. Kai that man used this very line to deceive Imolites. He chopped Thank You, chopped Very Much..then Imolites chopped ‘It’s Alright’.🀣

Uhm what else?πŸ€”
U can marry from Imo sha but consider the first paragraph of this publication. Think and rethink about it properly.🚢

Less I forget, the present generation in Imo are not stingy nor greedy sha. They can take good care of their wives. But is like dem don dey learn how to lie small small lies and cheat on their women. It wasn’t like that as of 70s I visited last. Civilization comes with corruption sha, so I don’t blame them.🚢

Do Imo men sabi fuck?
Don’t ask me..when you see them you ask. Bye!

Lemme drop pen here for now.✍️

Ndi Imo reading this don’t take it personal o. I’m just stating the obvious. Bye bye

Writen by Richard Idansenibo ChigboΒ 

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