Movie: Strange Sisters (2020)

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Strange Sisters (2020)

Good children are the pride of their parents while bad children are the bane of their parents. No matter what you do in life, you can never follow your shadow; rather,  your shadow follows you. Akunna (Destiny Etiko) and Favour (Queeneth Hilbert) are two beautiful sisters who think the world is a bed of roses. But they never knew that life is like a garden, you must surely reap what you sow. An educational movie you can’t afford to miss.

STARRING: HARRY B Anyanwu, Destiny Etiko, Queeneth Hilbert, Christabel Egbenye, Doris Ugo.

PRODUCED BY: Christabel Egbenye.

DIRECTED BY: Goodnews Erico Isika.

COMPANY: Label World Movies.

YEAR: 2020.

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