AMAZING!!! US Church Refunds Members’ Three Years Tithe As Help During Coronavirus

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint(LDS) in the United States has embarked on a program to refund tithe for up to 3 years to its members.

President of the LDS, Russel Nelson announced the measure as a response to the financial ruin the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on some of its members.

He said the Church was blessed during the period of prosperity and would help those that had suffered employment loss or financial setbacks during this period.

He said the Church has announced the Tithing Refund Program to serve and help members, the refund will benefit members that have contributed in the past.

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He said the program will also benefit less active members and those that left the Church but paid tithe on or May 1st 2017.

See the letter below:-

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