Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Gets Dragged For Saying 5G Kills, Not Coronavirus

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy has been dragged on social media by Nigerians after he said that it is not coronavirus that is killing people but 5G network.

The Clergyman also stated that the lockdown declared in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun by President Buhari is to enable the installation of 5G.

This didn’t sit well with some Nigerians who attacked Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on Twitter.

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See Some Reactions Below.

@Dehkunle: “Pastor Chris said corona virus doesn’t kill but 5G does.He said telecom companies are installing 5G networks in lagos and Abuja that’s why federal government enforced a lockdown on both states …Lmaoo so they want to k!ll their customers that they plan to sell 5G data to?”

@_adadioramma: “It has been confirmed. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has the intellectual sophistication of a grasshopper“

@kinglamarr_: “I just watched that Pastor Chris video where he was saying it’s 5G that kills and not the virus.. How can you comfortably mislead people?”

@Theonlywaka: “Daddy Adeboye said God sent CoronaVirus to call the attention of the whole world to Godly living. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said CoronaVirus doesn’t exist, just a coverup for 5G. 1 Corinthians 14:33 said “For God is not the author of confusion…..” E be things”.

@king__oku: “B4 U “drag” Pastor Chris or any Man of God, listen; Ensure being the most brilliant & educated person doesn’t make you miss the rapture… Noah must have “been very foolish” (warning people & building an ark on dry land), until the rain water started to cross people’s knees!”

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