SENSE OR NONSENSE!!! “The Day My Husband Asks Me To Pay Rent Is The Day I Pack My Bags” – Lady Reveals

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A lady on Twitter, who supposedly resides in London took to the platform to declare what would happen in the advent of a particular situation in her marital home in the future.

@PodierEden on the platform unapologetically tweeted that the day her husband asks her to pay half of their rent money is that day she packs her bags to leave him.

When her tweet sparked a debate, she went on to say that she believes it is a man’s job to provide for his household financially and also the roles that she’s going to play in the house too, levels up to the responsibility of the man.

Her statements has caused a stir on social media with some agreeing with her and some not.

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She however is not perturbed by comments trailing her notion as she says despite a man in her life, she would still be able to provide for her desired lifestyle and more. However, her man should be able to do more than she can do for herself.

Read what she wrote below:-

“The day my husband asks me to pay halves on rent is the day I pack my bags.

Ngl I believe it’s a mans job to provide for his household financially. Plus the roles I’m gonna take on as a wife and mother ; physically , mentally and emotionally is going to level/most likely overweigh his financial burden . I will not be adding my money on top of that 😭

I’m a hard working prayerful person with a lot of faith . I believe I’m going to make something of myself and be able to provide solely for the lifestyle I desire and more. Therefore any man that God brings to me should be able to do more than what I can for myself period”

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